Geographical of Information System (GIS)

J-Sharp Technology has been founded by a group of experienced and young technologists with background in aerospace & geo-informatics engineering.

This Mission of J-Sharp Technology Labs is to provide best in class Data Visualization and Analysis services Using SLAM technology for Drone Data/Lidar Data.

* Drone survey

* Door to door data collection

* Mapping & 3D Modal

* GEO- Tagging

* Digitization

* Property measurement

Drone Survey-

·       Whether its hazardous site or typical river Morphology, our Drones can survey large area with high precision in a short span of time.

·       Our DSM, Ortho photo & Contours are accurate down to couple of centimeter which makes X, Y, Z very easy.

 Door to door data collection

 In GIS first of all we are collecting data from households through Mobile App.

Mapping & 3D Modle

·       Mapping zones/areas is an important part of geographic information system, we provide solutions through accurate Ortho photos & 3D Models of sites.Our data is compatible with many GIS software like Arc GIS, QGIS, auto CAD etc.


§  Archeological Site Mapping

§  Real Estate 3D Modeling

§  Mapping of Coastal Area.                        

§  Industrial Zone Mapping.

§  Flood Analysis.


After mapping and 3D Model we implement all data and digitalize the map

                Property measurement 

               After digitalization we are ready to property measurements.

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