Human Resource Management Solutions

J-SHARP TECHNOLOGY has been rendering HR Operations, Manpower Resourcing Services & Manpower supply services to multiple clients across various industry verticals. The various aspects of the manpower resourcing and Manpower supply services include Sourcing of candidates as per clients requirement, recruitment and selection of the candidates, on-boarding of the employees and inducting them on J-SHARP TECHNOLOGY’s payroll , processing their payroll including legal compliance. Employee’s engagement, movement, appraisals and compensation reviews as well as their movement to any other projects will be handled by J-SHARP TECHNOLOGY as per the requirement and in consultation with Client. This offering provides supply, movement of Manpower as per the requirements of Client. Since these resources are employees of J-SHARP TECHNOLOGY and thereby J-SHARP TECHNOLOGY takes complete ownership of managing all aspects of the employer employee relationship including compliances related to the same.

             The Scope of Work as explained hereunder indicates the complete the various aspects of this service which essentially forms part of this offering. The specifics are finalized based on our discussions with the client & on information provided. The various facets of such assignments have been listed in the various sub sections to get complete idea of the breadth of services that go under Manpower supply Services.

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